Job Availability Summary:
Psychologist    Announcements Available:  7
Social Worker    Announcements Available:  7
Physician    Announcements Available:  56
Physician Assistant    Announcements Available:  14
Nurse    Announcements Available:  52
Practical Nurse    Announcements Available:  17
Nursing Assistant    Announcements Available:  5
Dietitian and Nutritionist    Announcements Available:  1
Occupational Therapist    Announcements Available:  1
Physical Therapist    Announcements Available:  2
Rehabilitation Therapy Assistant    Announcements Available:  7
Medical Technologist    Announcements Available:  2
Diagnostic Radiological Technologist    Announcements Available:  4
Pharmacist    Announcements Available:  3
Pharmacy Technician    Announcements Available:  2
Optometrist    Announcements Available:  2
Dentist    Announcements Available:  1

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